“The main operational control group of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia named after S.P.

Koroleva (part of the Roscosmos state corporation) has decided to deorbit the Progress MS-21 cargo ship from orbit on February 19, ”the state corporation said.

The inclusion of the Progress MS-21 engine for deceleration to deorbit is scheduled for 06:15 Moscow time.

After that, the ship will enter the atmosphere and collapse.

According to the forecast of experts, the fall of unburned elements of its structure is expected at 06:57 Moscow time in the non-navigable area of ​​the South Pacific Ocean.

Earlier, the transport cargo ship undocked from the Russian segment of the ISS.

The cause of malfunctions in the thermal control system on the ship could be an external influence - for example, damage to the skin by a meteorite or space debris, said the head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov.