Last Christmas, Tom Hanks and his wife, also an actress Rita Wilson, were at the emblematic

Café Carlyle

in New York witnessing one of their live concerts.

During the show, and as part of the Christmas celebrations, a bottle of champagne arrived at the table where the waiters began to serve them.

At that time, the American actor (

Forrest Gump


Saving Private Ryan



...) was drinking a Diet Coke, as is his custom, and when the champagne arrived, he decided to cheer up and add nothing more and nothing less than a bit of the exclusive Veuve Clicquot brand to your drink.

This is how what Hanks decided to name

cokagne arose.

and that today has thousands of followers.

The story was recently told by the actor himself on the American CBS late-night talk show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

before a dedicated audience.

"You know I hardly drink alcohol," the actor told Colbert, "and I usually drink Diet Coke, mostly because of the caffeine, to stay awake past 11:45 a.m. So when they brought the champagne and started to serve it in those fancy glasses, I told the waiters to pour some into my cola, while my friends and family looked on in amazement, calling me crazy."

When he tasted it, Hanks said the mix was delicious.

"Everyone at the table thought the same thing."

Immediately afterwards, the show's host brought out a bottle of champagne (supposedly the same one Hanks drank) and two cans of Diet Coke to mix it up.

According to the actor, "

you have to put two thirds of the cola, always light because I have type 2 diabetes, and the rest of champagne


To everyone's surprise, Colbert said it was delicious and set about naming the new drink: "

For the color it might be an American-style aperol spritz, but we can call it a

Tom Hanks


However, the actor said that after discussion with friends, he came up with the idea of ​​calling it cokagne, "because it's coke and champagne, so 'diet cokagne'" (pronounced



viral drink


the drink went viral on American social networks

and even the next day's morning shows talked about the invention and published the recipe.

Also in those of the competition, such as CNN in Spanish or one of the most watched on American public television in the mornings,

Today with Hoda & Jenna

, on NBC, in which the presenters prepared a cokagne and live they were surprised at how much they liked it.

For their part, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram were filled with publications and opinions from fans and


with the

hashtag #cokagne.

Even bartenders, like ManCave Bartender (mancavebartender), with almost 240,000 followers on TikTok, dared to mix live.

The American actress

Elizabeth Banks


The Hunger Games

) also decided to publish her own cola drink and champagne on networks.

Given the opinion of the majority, the ingenious mix is ​​liked, which could be the beginning of a new cocktail that will conquer half the world's bars in the coming months.

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