The truth can always be in doubt.

Thanks to rigorous documentaries,

events that have impacted society in recent years continue to offer

more than reasonable doubts based on testimonies and facts that were not known at first.



The great merit of this work is that Jesús Vázquez stands in front of a camera

to tell how he lived through the worst months of his life.

Specifically, the following to be accused of sleeping with minors in a Sevillian pub.

An ordeal suffered by celebrities such as Javier Gurruchaga or Jorge Cadaval and which gave rise to a wave of homophobia never seen before.

In addition, of course, to a media display that reached the highest levels of trash TV.

Serious and rigorous in his way of dealing with such a delicate matter.

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Seeing these four chapters is almost equivalent to having passed (and with a grade) an anti-cheating master's degree


This is how educational this production is, which recalls how Bernie Madoff made money on Wall Street without anyone noticing his pyramid scheme, in which everyone loses except a privileged few.

Above all, because

someone without studies was capable of deceiving anyone with whom he met.

And with the addition that there was someone who lost all his money.

SIRIUS (Filmin)

Cults are dangerous.

And, in the case of the Order of the Solar Temple, much more, since

those responsible were instigators of the suicide of many of its followers


In four chapters, this series tells with the help of a clear chronology how three journalists found the clue after observing two fires in remote corners of the world.

From there they found a very dangerous sect whose story is told with the air of a thriller in this production.


The fire, in 2005, of the Windsor building in Madrid unleashed all kinds of speculation at the time.

With rigor and also with a great sense of humor, this four-episode series analyzes what happened, clarifies some controversial aspects such as the people who entered the burning skyscraper or if there were hidden interests behind this spectacular incident.

With graphics, interviews and incredible rhythm.

As of February 12.

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A flight, an accident, few passengers and many sick among those affected

by the plane crash.

With these elements, this co-production between Greece and Germany seems exciting.

And so when you analyze what happened to that Boeing 747 that crashed into a block of buildings in Amsterdam, leaving behind

a trail of doubts about what it was hiding inside.

For example, boxes with highly contaminating samples.


(HBO Max)

15 years have passed, but

the disappearance of the girl Madeleine McCann in Portugal is still a very open case


Although, following the appearance of a suspect, everything seems to be in question.

That is what this North American production talks about, in which they talk to police officers, investigators and try to establish a

rigorous analysis of what happened that night

in the hotel complex where someone took the little girl from her room.

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