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The match between



Real Madrid

on Sunday, February 5, has been highly commented in sports venues in different media, especially due to the large number of fouls


received .

The Brazilian's attitude towards his rivals or the insults that were yelled at him from the stands were issues that generated debate on social networks, but also on programs such as

El Tertulion

, in

Tiempo de Juego


Manolo Lama


Paco González

staged a strong confrontation when addressing this issue in the radio format of



The first affirmed that the footballer had a certain responsibility for what happens to him on the pitch: "You try to show that


is only hit and he does nothing... Today they made 10 fouls on him. Did any of them seem violent to you? or aggressive?

Juanma Castaño interrupted him: "Have you seen the gestures that


has made to him

throughout the game?"

His partner answered him with another question: "Have you seen what


did when he left at halftime?"

Later he explained about the athlete: "They provoke him, no one can argue with it, but

he helps to be

provoked . Today he left kissing the shield."

The tension increased when


released: "

You are accusing the raped girl

of wearing a miniskirt. Regrettable."

The announcer became very serious at this comparison: "


, I won't let you."

The two continued arguing and


exploded: "Your demagogy, you told me about the miniskirt...

Put on the miniskirt

and go home! We can't tolerate him coming to tell me about the miniskirt."

The intervention of Juanma Castaño


tried to calm the waters in the gathering, highlighting that

Paco González

had used "a simile", but

Manolo Lama

continued very angry: "Let him tell you, not me. The simile for you! I do not allow him to play with a drama that exists in society and he wants to bring me in. Why does he provoke me? Do you have to make a simile with a woman raped because she wears a miniskirt? Go shit!

You're going to shit

! If you want, I'll do it for you

little jokes with violations, see if you find it funny".

The presenter tried to cut the anger: "This is over. Let's not stay in the anecdote.

We are talking about football



. Let's be calm, please."


accused his partner of manipulating his words and spoke about the

Real Madrid

athlete : "I have said that they hit him, they foul him a lot, but that he

is also guilty

of certain taunts against opposing players. That is what I have said, like it or not."

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