Yohann Tritz 09:51, February 05, 2023

Franco-Malian singer Aya Nakamura has just filed a complaint for "sextape blackmail", after receiving threats and a ransom demand of several thousand euros.

This type of cybercrime has unfortunately developed a lot in recent years according to Frans Imbert-Vier, specialist in cybersecurity.

Thousands of euros for intimate videos.

This is the ransom demand orchestrated by a cybercriminal who claims to have explicit videos of Aya Nakamura, stolen during a burglary at the end of December.

The Franco-Malian singer, known for her music "Djadja", has announced that she is filing a complaint.

According to the JDD, she would have received anonymous calls asking her to pay 250,000 euros to avoid the dissemination of these intimate videos.

According to Frans Imbert-Vier, director of a cybersecurity company, this type of threat has only increased in recent years.


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More frequent attacks

"Before, we stole a computer or a tablet to resell it because it had a market value. Now, we steal a tablet to go and look at what's inside and monetize the information it could contain", explains the specialist.

"There is a professionalization of this sector which today has taken advantage of the opportunity to seize sensitive information and see how they could monetize it, either by the effect of blackmail, or by the effect of a direct sale, in the same way that a company can have its database stolen to be sold on the cybercrime market,” he adds.

With the development of increasingly intelligent algorithms, Frans Imbert-Vier suspects that this type of attack will be more and more frequent.

It is therefore relevant for companies and celebrities to secure their data to be sure that even in the event of theft, it will be possible to have access to the information or to have the possibility of destroying it remotely.