David Montagné 07h27, February 03, 2023

Khalid El-Khal was sentenced to four years in prison and detained on Monday at Aiton prison in Savoie.

The former director of Fresnes prison is accused of acts of "passive corruption" by granting favors to prisoners.

The 53-year-old man's lawyers point to an injustice.

The former director of the 3rd division of Fresnes prison sentenced to a four-year prison term.

Khalid El-Khal was detained on Monday in Aiton prison, in Savoie, reveals the

Journal du Dimanche


The former businessman Arnaud Mimran, a former resident of the establishment, was also sentenced to two years in prison.

The system alleged against Khalid El-Khal, 53, targeted detainees belonging to the Parisian business community, prosecuted in particular for fraud.

The principle: an envelope of 5,000 euros in cash against mobile phones, daily showers, catering dishes and even champagne served in the cell.

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The former director of Fresnes prison was sentenced for "passive corruption" and "criminal association".

Placed in pre-trial detention for 4 months, then released before his trial, he saw this new incarceration as an injustice.

"I don't know if he was tricked, if he got caught, but in any case, it can't deserve four years in prison", declares to Europe 1 Me Philippe Ohayon, his lawyer.

"It can't be worth endangering a person."

"It's not a judgment, it's a firing squad"

In 2018, Khalid El-Khal was imprisoned and attempted suicide.

He will later be admitted to the hospital of the remand center of the penitentiary center of Orleans, where he will spend seven months according to Le Point.

"Arrived in prison, he tries to commit suicide because he is in the middle of everyone, so he can be confronted with people whom he himself has condemned in discipline and as a director", pleads Me again. Philippe Ohayon.

"He is hospitalized for three weeks. For me, it's not a judgment, it's a firing squad."

His lawyers filed a request for release and appealed the decision.

According to information from Europe 1, Khalid El-Khal was admitted Thursday evening to a psychiatric hospital.