▲ The scene at the time of the accident

A 70-year-old police officer who shot and killed a taxi driver urinating on a hill near the road for a wild boar was sentenced to prison in an appeals trial. 

Yesterday (2nd), the 2nd Criminal Appeal Division (Presiding Judge Ji Seong-mok) of the Seoul Western District Court broke the original judgment that sentenced Mr. A (73) to 1 year and 8 months in prison for professional manslaughter suspected of negligent manslaughter on the job, and sentenced him to 1 year and 4 months in prison. sentenced. 

Prison sentences serve prison terms like prison sentences, but do not do forced labor.

Mr. A is accused of shooting and killing taxi driver B in his 70s who was urinating while parking his car on the side of a hill near the Gugi Tunnel in Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul at around 8:00 pm on April 29 last year. 

Mr. B was shot in his right arm and abdomen, respectively, and was taken to the hospital, but died at around 12:52 am the next day, about 5 hours after the accident.

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A bullet found at the scene

Mr. B, who was arrested, is known to have stated in a police investigation, "I mistook Mr. A for a wild boar and shot him" and "It was dark and I made a mistake while hunting mainly by hearing the sound."

The place of the accident is close to the bus stop, so there is not a small floating population, and wild boars often appear, so hunters go hunting. 

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▲ Place of accident

Mr. B had obtained a hunting permit from the local police box on the day of the accident, and was known to have caught a wild boar at night in a similar place 2 to 3 days ago.

However, the police applied for an arrest warrant on charges of manslaughter on the job, believing that Mr. B did not fulfill his duty of care when hunting.

In response, the first trial judge said, "The fact that the crime was committed while fighting wild boars, the fact that relief measures such as 119 reports were taken immediately after the accident, and the fact that the crime was acknowledged and showed repentance were taken into account." Considering the above, the degree of violation of the duty of care was not small, and there was a serious result in which precious lives were sacrificed.”  

However, the second trial court broke the original judgment and sentenced to 1 year and 4 months in prison with a reduction of 4 months. 

The judge said, "The accident site is a part of the road where nearby vehicles frequently pass, so there is a good chance that people can pass through it even at night." are doing," he said.

However, the reason for the sentencing was revealed, saying, "After the first trial, I deposited 50 million won to the bereaved family, and the hunting club seems to have paid insurance money, so the sentence is partially reduced."

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Meanwhile, as wild boars appear one after another across the country, accidents such as people being shot while trying to catch them are continuing. 

Accidents with shotguns also occurred in Yasan, Yangsan in July of last year, and Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do in November, but they also mistook people for wild boars and shot them.  

Hunting is possible only with permission for hunting harmful animals, and there is a separate 'hunting restriction clause', such as a separate place and time for hunting. Special attention is required, such as checking and shooting.

In order to prevent such accidents, it is pointed out that training and training on safety rules should be further strengthened, with an emphasis on preventing human accidents caused by mistaken shooting from the process of obtaining a hunting license. 

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