A man in his 20s who was handed over to trial for sexually assaulting his younger brother for several years was acquitted as the charges were not proven in the first and second trials.

Criminal Division 4-1 of the Seoul High Court (Presiding Judge Bae Gi-yeol Oh Young-jun and Kim Bok-hyeong) today (3rd) acquitted Mr. A (21), who was charged with false adultery with a minor under the age of 13 under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act, as in the first trial.

The prosecution judged that Mr. A raped his younger brother, who was in elementary school for the first time in 2016, and continued the crime afterwards, and handed it over to trial in February 2021.

During the first trial, the younger brother asked for help on the Blue House National Petition bulletin board, saying, "I live in the same house with my older brother who raped me for several years." I did.

However, the first trial ruled innocent, saying that the victim's statement was inconsistent and that the victim may have made a false statement due to cognitive distortion and delusion due to mental illness.

The prosecution appealed, but the second trial judge also dismissed the appeal, saying, "I have carefully reviewed the reason for the verdict and the records of the lower court, but the judgment of the lower court is justified and can be accepted."

(Photo = Captured from the Blue House National Petition website, Yonhap News)