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A man in his 50s who killed his mother in his 80s and called 119 to report it and faked a natural death was arrested.

The previous day (1st), Muan Police Station in Jeonnam arrested a man in his 50s who was suspected of murdering an ascendant.

Mr. A is accused of killing his mother, who lived with him at his home in Muan-gun, on the afternoon of the 22nd of last month, on the day of the Lunar New Year's Day.

The incident was revealed when Mr. A called the 119 situation room immediately after the crime and reported that "My mother is not breathing."

At the time of the report, Mr. A hid the fact of his crime, and the police initially received the report as a 'general incident'.

However, the police were suspicious of the many wounds on the body and requested an autopsy, and the National Forensic Service issued the first opinion that 'death by force is suspected'.

Accordingly, the police classified the case as a 'strong case' and continued the investigation by identifying Mr. A as the prime suspect and securing evidence.

Eventually, the police, who uncovered the full story of the crime, converted Mr. A into a suspect on the 29th of last month, arrested him urgently, and received an arrest warrant from the court.

During the police investigation, Mr. A was reported to have denied part of the crime, stating to the effect that he was "drunk and can't remember".

The police believe that Mr. A committed an accidental crime due to his mother's criticism and are trying to determine the specific motive for the crime.