It is known that former Ssangbangbang Group Chairman Kim Seong-tae recently stated to the prosecution that he remitted 3 million dollars for Lee's visit to North Korea.

At that time, Gyeonggi-do also wrote an official document requesting Lee to visit North Korea.

This is reporter Jeong Hye-jin. 


It is known that Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myeong delivered a personal letter to the North for a visit to North Korea in 2019, when he was governor of Gyeonggi-do.

At the time, Gyeonggi-do also wrote an official document requesting Lee's invitation.

Former Ssangbangul Chairman Kim Seong-tae initially denied any relationship with CEO Lee Jae-myung, but

[Kim Seong-tae/Former Ssangbang-ul Group Chairman (last 17th): Lee Jae-myeong has never called, but he does not even know the phone number, and anyway, I am lacking a lot. being a person...


In a recent prosecution investigation, it was reported that he acknowledged the phone call with CEO Lee.

In 2019, former Chairman Kim attended a company meeting with North Korean figures in China regarding the North Korean mineral business rights with Lee Hwa-young, Vice Governor of Gyeonggi Peace at the time.

At this meeting, former vice-governor Lee called and changed CEO Lee Jae-myung, and is known to have stated that he heard "thank you" from CEO Lee.

Former Chairman Kim said that he remitted 5 million dollars for the purpose of creating a North Korean smart farm in Gyeonggi-do twice in January and April 2019, and in November of that year he sent an additional 3 million dollars for the visit of Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung to North Korea It is known that he said he did.

Representative Lee Jae-myeong dismissed it as 'the prosecution's new novel'.

[Lee Jae-myeong/Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: It seems that the prosecution's new novel has come out, but it will not sell well given the previous creative skills.]

Among these, in 2019, former chairman Kim's mother and later, CEO Lee Jae-myung's mother, had a double drop with a representative from Lee's side. There is also a statement that the person concerned gave mutual condolences.

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