We exclusively delivered that a group of charter fraudsters committed additional crimes by taking advantage of the loophole that the tenants could not be seen if the move-in unit was viewed by the lot number rather than the road name address.

After our report came out, the government acknowledged the problem and hurriedly set out to make up for it.

This is Reporter Lee Hye-mi on the sidewalk.


[Yesterday, SBS 8 News: I just checked the move-in generation of the house I live in.

If you search by street name address, my name comes up, but if you search by the old address, that is, the lot number, it says there is no head of household.]

After the introduction of the road name address in 2011, the government received a report of moving into a new address.

As a result, houses built after 2011 cannot be identified as tenants if the move-in unit is viewed using the lot number address, which is the old address.

This loophole was used by charter scammers to borrow money and cheat.

While putting up the tin villa as collateral, they only showed the investors a confirmation of the move-in household with the lot address written 'there is no householder'.

[Mr. Kim / Victim of Fraud: How can things done by government offices be so different?

Even if I only saw this, I wouldn't pay.]

At least 32 chartered fraudulent houses were used in this way, and the damage amounted to 3.98 billion won.

After the SBS report, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security acknowledged the problem and came up with an improvement plan.

When issuing the move-in household confirmation, we decided to add an additional notice saying, 'Please check all the results of searching for the road name address and lot number address'.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security is also planning to come up with specific measures to improve the system so that there are no cases of abuse of the confirmation of move-in households.

(Video coverage: Choi Dae-woong, Video editing: Lee So-young)