He has the same abilities as T-1000 in

Terminator 2


From cinema to research, there is only one step that scientists from Carnegie Mellon universities in Pittsburgh (United States), and Sun Yat-sen and Zhejiang (China) have taken.

In their laboratory, they have developed a robot capable, as in the film, of passing through bars by liquefying, reports

France Info

on Monday.

This research work was presented in the scientific journal 



In a short video, we can see the miniature white robot placed in a cage.

He first tries to get out but runs into the bars.

Then it liquefies to pass and is reconstituted once it has found almost all of the liquid.

It's not exactly the T-1000—yet.

But researchers have created a liquid metal robot that can mimic the shape-shifting abilities of the silvery, morphing killer robot in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

https://t.co/WapzrP4NwD pic.twitter.com/CjI3hK2nRu

— News from Science (@NewsfromScience) January 28, 2023

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Accelerated images

The images have been sped up because the transformation is normally much slower.

And the robot is unable to rebuild itself.

It was the researchers who carried out the operation to make the video more spectacular and thus get closer to the images of James Cameron, the director of



If the robot can liquefy, it is because it is made of gallium, a metal which has its melting point at 29°C.

It is also equipped with nanoparticles that allow it to move thanks to a magnetic field.

These nanoparticles can create the heat needed to melt it.

Applications can be found in medicine.

It is thus possible to deposit a drug in a specific organ or, on the contrary, to use the mini-robot to seek out a pathogenic element in the human body.


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