If everyone – or almost – has already heard of “metaverse”, who is able to define it precisely?

Sébastien Borget, co-founder of the community metaverse The Sandbox, agreed to try it for Brut.

“Discovering new experiences”

“The metaverse is a multitude of virtual worlds where users will be able to access all kinds of experiences, more social, more immersive, more fun, more creative, more educational too,” he explains.

In this new virtual world, everyone chooses "who they are" through an avatar: "we can become a person of another sex, even a non-human creature, at the limits of our imagination, says Sébastien Borget .

We want this virtual space to be first and foremost a space around the discovery of new experiences”.


To complete this information, the entrepreneur answers the following questions: “What is the metaverse?

» ;

“Why are people going to the metaverse?

» ;

“Is it necessarily in virtual reality?

» ;

“What is an avatar?

» ;

"What is the future of the metaverse?"


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