A result that is not surprising.

According to an annual study published on Monday on the distribution of digital equipment and the evolution of their uses, 87% of the population in France say they have owned a smartphone in 2022. They use it to browse the Internet or send messages online. .

A sign of the now unavoidable nature of smartphones, the share of French people owning one has increased by 3% compared to 2020, according to the Digital Barometer carried out by the telecoms regulator (Arcep), the General Council for the Economy (CGE) and the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT) in partnership with Crédoc (Research Center for the study and observation of living conditions).

💬87% of respondents own a smartphone (+3 points compared to 2020).

Among them, 89% say they send messages using apps offering this service (+10 pts compared to 2020), and 78% use them to make calls (+11 points) pic.twitter.com/KjJ3z4AYId

— Arcep (@Arcep) January 30, 2023

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More and more connected objects

This study covers a representative sample of the French population of 4,184 people aged 12 and over, interviewed by telephone and online.

Among smartphone owners, 89% say they send messages using applications offering this service (+10 points compared to 2020) and 78% use them to make calls (+11 points).

Surfing the Internet from smartphones now concerns 92% of respondents (+5 points compared to 2020).

Connected objects (home automation, electronics, health, security) and connected speakers are also continuing to spread: the proportion of owners of this equipment has increased compared to 2020 to reach 40% and 27% respectively.

Regarding other equipment such as televisions, 95% of respondents said they owned at least one television in 2022, a proportion that has hardly changed in ten years.

Among the French people equipped with a television set and having a fixed connection at home, 83% declare receiving television via the box of an Internet service provider on at least one set.

On the other hand, the radio set with FM or DAB+ reception remains the main mode of listening compared to listening on the Internet: "65% of listeners most often listen to the radio via this channel, against only 35% via Internet,” according to the study.

Among the various features available for better access to online content, brightness adjustment (83%) and screen zoom (80%) are the most used by the entire population equipped with a terminal digital.

Miscellaneous facts

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