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A maritime police officer who visited a jjimjilbang on holiday saved the life of an elementary school student who had slipped and lost consciousness with quick first aid.

According to Jeju Seogwipo Maritime Police Station, A (10), who visited a sauna in Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo, at around 4 pm on the 29th, slipped and hit his head hard on the floor while taking a bath.

Due to the sudden shock, Group A began to convulse, his pupils dilated and he was unable to breathe.

Uncle B, who was visiting the jjimjilbang with A, saw this and shouted for help, and someone outside the bathroom shower came and started CPR.

He opened Group A's mouth, pulled out the tongue that had been rolled inside, secured the airway, and performed CPR for 2-3 minutes. Fortunately, Group A regained consciousness.

After receiving the report, the 119 ambulance team took over Group A and transferred it to Jeju National University Hospital. As a result of the examination, no major abnormalities were found in Group A other than temporary concussion symptoms.

Afterwards, Mr. B, who wanted to express his gratitude, inquired about the jjimjilbang staff and confirmed that the righteous man who helped was Lieutenant Lee Joo-hyun of the Seongsan Police Box of the Jeju Coast Guard.

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This story became known when Mr. B posted a message on the 'Please Praise' bulletin board of the Korea Coast Guard to express his gratitude to Lieutenant Lee Ju-hyun.

In the article, Mr. B said, "I came to the jjimjilbang with my family, but it didn't feel like a stranger, so they helped me, and they actively helped me with first aid than anyone else with a strong work spirit." Without it, I would have been in a very difficult situation."

In response, Lieutenant Lee Ju-hyun said, "I just did what I had to do as a coast guard serving the people."

(Photo = Yonhap News, Jeju Coast Guard)