Yesterday (30th), we delivered the news that a man in his 20s synthesized the face of his junior in pornography and threatened him, and also threatened teenagers who showed interest in this type of sex crime. It was additionally confirmed that the crime was simulated with a complicated structure in Telegram.

Reporter Park Jae-yeon reports.

<Reporter> This

is a telegram conversation between Mr. Kim, a man in his 20s, and an unknown person, A.

A describes the crime structure he designed and suggests a way to lure his accomplices.

First, she says, "It's most convenient to get a phone number after enticing with Telegram, and then get personal information via KakaoTalk."

If you do this process yourself, you can be tracked by the police, and it is emphasized that digging up personal information must be done through a third party.

It seems to be a situation in which a method of attracting male participants in the role of intimidating women is simulated, and the intention to prepare for the police investigation is revealed through thorough division in stages.

It also presents the specific details of the personal information to be mined.

She says to check the name, face, and number of the target to be intimidated and hand it over.

The reason for designing such a multi-level crime structure is also revealed.

A tells Mr. Kim, who says money is the purpose, to make money, and he says that he just needs to achieve his own purpose.

It is said that there is another purpose besides financial gain, but it is suspected to be an intention to secure sexual exploitation like 'Park's room' by setting up a sub-organization.

The police, who secured Mr. Kim's recruits last night, set out to secure the identities of those who were threatened in reverse after requesting the production of deepfakes, including teenagers.

The police plan to find out the existence of the upper line and additional crimes through investigation and forensic work on Mr. Kim.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-hak, video editing: Ha Seong-won)