From today, January 30th, you can take off your mask not only outside but also indoors.

I had to wear a mask everywhere since the fall of 2020 when Corona got worse, but that disappeared and now we are one step closer to our original daily life.

Still, today was still the first day, so everyone seemed cautious.

Today's expression, which still seemed more familiar to wearing a mask, was first covered by reporter Byung-Hyun Park.


This morning at Yeouido Station in Seoul.

On the way to work, office workers filled the platform.

The obligation to wear a mask has disappeared before boarding the train, but you can't find anyone taking it off.

[Lee Mi-young/Gangseo-gu, Seoul: It's still the first day, so I'm a bit anxious, and I have children, so I plan to use it for a while.]

Occasionally, I saw people taking off their masks after getting off the train, but it was for a special reason.

[Kim Ik-pyo/Gangseo-gu, Seoul: I was wearing it when I came to the subway and took it off when I got off.

It's difficult for me to breathe, but I also have rhinitis...


Passengers all wore masks while on the bus on the way to work, as they were required to wear them as before.

On a Monday morning with a lot of passengers, if it was like yesterday, I watched the waiting room at Seoul Station, a space for wearing masks, for more than 100 minutes, but it is also not easy to find people without masks.

Some changes were also detected in multi-use facilities.

When I looked at a large cafe in downtown Seoul, 2 out of 10 customers came in without a mask and ordered.

[Seo Hee-yeon/Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul: I put it on when I entered the cafe, took it off when I drank, then I put it on when I left, and it was a bit uncomfortable, so I think it became more comfortable.]

Department store cosmetics stores, which were most pleased with this measure, are actively promoting products for customers who take off their masks. I went out to promote, and the movie theaters that lost their energy due to corona raised their expectations.

[Jung Ji-hyun/Dongjak-gu, Seoul: First of all, the child seems to be comfortable breathing, but there are some parts to be careful about, so wash your hands clean...


Running club members, for whom masks were a major obstacle, welcomed this day more than anyone else.

[Daseul Park/Citizen: If you take off the mask, you will breathe well, and I'm looking forward to it.

(Friends) I think we will be able to recognize each other better and greet each other better…


(Video coverage: Joo Yong-jin·Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Shin Se-eun)

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