An environmental sanitation worker left a comment in shock at 'Real Doll', an adult product modeled after a person, is becoming a hot topic.

It was posted on an online community with the title, 'Real Dolls are deeply concerned.'

Mr. A, who posted an article revealing that he was an environmental sanitation worker, said, "Sometimes a live dog or cat comes out of the box and prepares the mind to some extent when opening a suspicious box, but this time I didn't even need to prepare my mind."

He shared the experience of being surprised when he found a full-body Real Doll in a box while working and misunderstood it as a corpse from a murder by mutilation.

He said, "I thought it was a wig because I saw his hair, so I pulled it, but the decapitated head came out and I thought my heart stopped."

He continued, "It's scary to just throw it away, but it's scary to throw it away. It's embarrassing when you throw it away, so think about what to throw away before buying it."