In principle, it is not necessary to wear a mask indoors at school, but it is still awkward for students and teachers to take off their masks.

Some academies have caused confusion by saying that it is better to wear a mask, but reporter Lim Tae-woo will tell you about this.


All the children are wearing masks in the elementary school bus.

It's because I've heard enough that you must wear a mask on the school bus.

In the classroom, some children take off their masks to attend class.

[Seoho Shin/Seoul Gwangjang Elementary School 2nd Grade: (Because I take off the mask) It's cool.

It's comfortable to breathe.

It's convenient when I just say it.]

However, most of them are not familiar with the changed standards, so they are using them as they are.

[Jang Bo-mi/Seoul Gwangjang Elementary School 2nd grade: I haven't seen many of my friends' faces, but they haven't seen my face too much, so I'm ashamed of that.] It's

not easy for parents to tell their children that it's okay to take off their masks, fearing that the teacher or other students will notice.

[Jung Mi-sol/Parent: My child could get it, or if another child got sick, my child could get it from school, so I was concerned about that part, so I just made sure to wear (a mask).]

Teachers are still taking off their masks to class. It's burdensome.

[Lee Hu-nam / Principal of Gwangjang Elementary School in Seoul: Today is the first day that you can wear an indoor mask voluntarily, so we are not forcing you to completely take off your mask or forcibly guiding you.]

Some academies and schools recommend wearing an indoor mask. It also caused confusion.

[Mr. A/Parent: We have to set guidelines for each one, but there are a lot of confusing parts for each academy.

Some academies always say that you have to come with a mask on...


The Ministry of Education announced that it would supplement and guide school quarantine guidelines by the middle of next month, before the start of the new semester, after collecting opinions from schools and experts.

(Video editing: Kim Jun-hee, VJ: Shin So-hee)

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