In addition, as the Democratic Party representative Lee Jae-myung exercised his right to refuse to testify in the investigation of the 'Wirye-Daejang-dong development project preferential case' and the possibility of refusing to comply with the second summons increases, the prosecution is expected to request an arrest warrant for Lee sooner or later.

According to the legal community on the 29th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office's anti-corruption investigation division 1 (Chief Prosecutor Eom Hee-joon) and 3 (Chief Prosecutor Kang Baek-shin) requested Lee's side yesterday that Lee should additionally appear for an effective investigation, and presented multiple dates. I did.

As the Wirye and Daejang-dong projects have been carried out over 10 years, the prosecution's position is that as the mayor of Seongnam at the time, the amount of time to confirm the details of the final approval and statements of related persons as the mayor of Seongnam was extensive, so he could not complete all the questions prepared.

The prosecution believes that the investigation time was insufficient because CEO Lee appeared one hour later than the time suggested by the prosecution yesterday and did not agree to the late-night investigation after 9:00 pm.

In addition, it is known that the reason for the prosecution's second appearance was that the 33-page prosecutor's statement submitted by CEO Lee instead of an oral statement contained information related to illegal money and goods received by his closest aides, Jin-sang Jeong and Yong Kim.

Representative Lee did not clearly respond to the prosecution's request for a second appearance, but it is highly likely that he will not respond at this time.

During the prosecution's investigation yesterday, CEO Lee said, "We repeatedly asked questions to get the answers we wanted based on the fabricated content." claimed it was.

The prosecution is in a position to convey the need for a second appearance to Lee, but is considering a plan to request an arrest warrant sooner or later in case he does not respond.

There are many observations that the arrest warrant to be requested by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office will be transferred to the Seongnam FC Illegal Sponsorship Case, which the Seongnam Branch Office has completed the summons investigation, and include it together with the prosecution.

Even if the prosecution requests an arrest warrant, the arrest motion must be voted on as the February extraordinary session will continue immediately after the end of the January extraordinary session.

As the Democratic Party occupies the majority in the National Assembly, it is highly likely that the motion for arresting Lee will be rejected, and if it is rejected, the prosecution will prosecute Lee without detention, complete the investigation of Lee, and prepare for the 'second round' to be held in court. .

(Photo = Yonhap News)