With these cold temperatures with which January is saying goodbye, it will be difficult for more than one to leave the house.

But there is no reason to give up a rich and varied meal, like the one served by these five brands that are delivered to your home.

Crispy bacon 'Pad thai', from Baan


Víctor Camargo does not stop


If a couple of months ago he premiered a brunch (


he calls it) starring that Southeast Asian cuisine, with

native products and Asian techniques that he works so well,

now the chef (Honorable Mention for Revelation Chef, at the 2022 Metropolis Awards ) is launched for delivery.

Quite a novelty.

The proposal includes a selection of the dishes from the restaurant (Villanueva, 2)

that travel the best, including essential house recipes


For example,

the curries:

the yellow one with Iberian pork cheeks, accompanied by jasmine rice;

the Thai


with sea bass, served with fried okra and roasted beans, and the


with free-range chicken thigh, garnished with crispy coconut flakes and aromatic herbs.

There is also no shortage of

pad thai

: crispy bacon

, glazed in soy and mirin, with vegetables and fresh rice noodles or fresh seasonal vegetables with mushroom and tamarind sauce.

And, of course,

the offer at home includes


from Camargo such as the Vietnamese nem

(roasted pork rib on the Chinese barbecue and wok-sautéed squid), the low-temperature pork

garter bun thit

or the

Thai smash burger

of beef.

Orders in Glovo.

Average price: 35 euros.

Chicken alone without accompaniments, from Humo by Jhosef Arias.

Smoke by Jhosef Arias

What would a family meal be without delicious quality chicken to eat?

Well, that, among other things, is what

the Lima chef Jhosef Arias

(also owner of Psicomar, Callao24, Hasaku and ADN Origen Perú) proposed with the opening of his Peruvian-style chicken grill that has just opened in the neighborhood from Salamanca (Hermosilla, 73).

The project

is making a big commitment to delivery with a series of combos created

ad hoc

to be delivered at home, where the protagonist is a chicken weighing about 1,700 grams that the chef undergoes a laborious maceration process with

a sauce that contains a large part of his life working


Most of the packs are accompanied by chips, salad, homemade sauces (for example, smoked yellow pepper and huacatay) and also traditional soft drinks such as passion fruit or chicha morada (

Gavilán Pollero

, ideal for four people;

Pa' Bravos

, between four and six diners; Complete Chicken, for four;


for two



But Humo's delivery does not only live on chicken,

there is also carretillero cebiche

(Jhosef prefers the spelling "b", because "it derives from encebollado, and the Peruvian cebiche comes from the influence of the Spanish marinade", he usually explains);


marinated pork rib with Peruvian sauce

and finished with a rocoto barbecue;

Creole chorizo...

Orders are made through the

restaurant's website


Average price: 20 euros per person.

Various delivery options from 500º Crust Pizza Place.

500th Crust Pizza Place

This banner of the Juicy Brands Group -specializing

in delivery- has just settled in Méndez Álvaro, 74 and follows the

pizza path

of its older sister, opened in 2021 in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Atenas, 2), where in addition to its

powerful home delivery you can eat

on the spot


Thus, this new establishment replicates the


format and its great bet to send home which, as its name suggests, has

the star of the concept

in its Neapolitan-style pizzas, made daily by hand .

The menu includes more than twenty versions: from the classic mozzarella (fior di latte) and tomato (San Marzano) to the '

nduja (a kind of slightly spicy Italian sobrasada)

with gorgonzola and rosemary, including the pepperoni calzone .

The Italian party does not stop there: focaccias, creams, burratas, carpaccios and even milanesas.

Orders on the


and also in Glovo.

Average price: 15 euros.

Golden, the 'champion' hamburger of La Birra Bar.

The Beer Bar

In the middle of December, this Argentine hamburger restaurant (with 13 locations in Argentina and one in Miami) landed in the capital, which boasts the title of being the

creator of the "best burger in the United States 2022", achieved in the Burger Bash,

one of the contests Americans with more impact.

In barely a month it already has two stores (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 3 and Postas 12) and they have expanded the menu.

Their meat medallions, as Dany Cocchia, their owner, likes to say

, are also available at home.

Among its twenty proposals, all with at least two steaks, there is no shortage of the


burger :

Golden, 200 grams of a mix of selected meats, cheddar cheese, purple onion and its secret mayonnaise

, all inside a cloud bread (Vienna and brioche).

More: Criolla (with a mixture of onions, tomato, roasted peppers and grilled provolone cheese);

the classic Cheeseburger or the 5.3.2 (with five medallions of meat and white and yellow cheddar).

Orders at

Just East, Uber Eats and Glovo.

Price: from 11.90 euros.

Rasif's home proposal.


We continue in an international key, and since with these cold temperatures you don't really want to wander the streets,

why not "bring the street home".

Or, what is the same, the


street food around which



in the La Latina neighborhood

(Humilladero, 6) revolves, also available at home.

His extensive menu to send home includes

cold mezzes

-from the traditional hummus of chickpeas and tahini and the labneh (you know, that cream of cow yogurt with sumac, olive oil and served with Lebanese bread) to the cream of aubergine-

and hot, including the classic

stuffed oriental dumplings, for example, with minced meat and pine nuts, with cheese...).

But the


of the house are its unique sandwiches with a modern twist.

Up to a dozen sandwiches:

chicken, minced meat, beef tenderloin, Lebanese sausage, moussaka, cuttlefish and even French fries.

Orders at Just East, Uber Eats and Glovo.

Price: 20-25 euros.

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