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Controversy arose when it was revealed that the police had sent an elderly woman who was looking for a police station in Busan to escape the cold in the middle of winter, and the police station in charge eventually issued an apology.

Busan Dongbu Police Station posted an apology on the homepage today (28th) in the name of the chief and said, “I sincerely apologize to the complainant for the evicting of the civil petitioner who visited the district police station outside the district police station.” I also apologize for that,” he said.

"We are deeply reflecting on not fully considering the situation of the complainant," he added.

"I will do my best to become a police officer who can be sympathetic, such as being more considerate of the socially underprivileged and carefully examining the small voices of the people," he emphasized.

Around midnight on the 14th of last month, a woman in her 70s who visited a district unit belonging to the Dongbu Police Station was sent out the door by the staff.

She said that after missing the last train from Busan Station to another area, she had nowhere to go and when the weather got cold, she found a nearby police station.

It is known that after she stayed at the police station for about 40 minutes, she was caught by the police and went outside, and another police officer locked the door of the police station.

At the time, the staff at the district division said that Mr. A was rude to the staff and sent them out, but Mr. A was in the position that he only said something to the effect of "I am not homeless, so please treat me kindly."

It is difficult to confirm whether there was an argument between his grandmother and the police as no audio was recorded on the CCTV inside the district.

(Photo = Yonhap News TV capture, Yonhap News)