Today (27th) at around 8 am, a fire broke out in an Avante car that was driving near Sinbugok IC in the direction of Gwacheon on the Gwacheon Uiwang Expressway in Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

The driver of the vehicle stopped the car on the shoulder of the road and got off as smoke rose from the bonnet.

It was found that the fire that started in the vehicle spread as it moved to the soundproof wall next to the shoulder of the road.

Upon receiving the report, the fire department put out the fire in 18 minutes by putting out 16 equipment such as pump cars and 44 personnel.

There were no casualties due to the fire, but about 3m of the soundproof wall was destroyed.

In addition, some embers and banners fell onto the Yeongdong Expressway passing under the fire point.

As a result, the two-way road near the fire point was controlled for several tens of minutes.

The police and fire authorities plan to investigate the cause of the accident in detail against the driver.

Previously, on December 29, last year at 1:49 pm, a 5t waste transport truck that was running in the soundproof tunnel of the Galhyeon Overpass in the direction of Seongnam on the 2nd Gyeongin Expressway in Galhyeon-dong, Gwacheon City caught fire.

The fire burned a 600m section of the 830m soundproof tunnel until it was completely extinguished at 4:12 pm, about 2 hours later.

Five people were killed and 41 injured as a result.

(Photo = Provided by Gyeonggi-do Fire and Disaster Headquarters, Yonhap News)