A worthwhile task for science would be to find out which psychological defect is the reason why people do not use the right lane on the freeway.

Perhaps a therapy could be developed.

It can't just be stupid, there has to be more to it.

It is also obviously not a sign of age, not a question of gender or origin, as a look at the cars shows, the drivers of which occupy the middle lane or even further to the left leisurely overtaking with a speed difference in the single digits.

Crawlers in the middle lane are a terrible nuisance to others, with the unfortunate consequence of annoyed tailgating, flashing headlights, overtaking on the right.

Wherever mid-lane sneaks are on the road, they destroy any remnant of rhythm in traffic because others who run into them have to somehow maneuver around them.

Hectic, traffic jams and the risk of accidents are increasing.

Three-lane lanes are de facto becoming one-lane, because everything that wants to escape the terror in the middle lane gathers in the left-hand lane.

Are mid lane lurkers a) unable to comprehend what they are doing, b) don't care, do they c) obstruct others on purpose, is there a d) we are unaware of?

If such behavior is in the genes, it is due to traumatic childhood memories with the tricycle,

have we failed as a society?

That needs to be investigated.

For starters, let's agree that from now on nobody will play with their mobile phones under the table and nobody will go to the toilet when the topic of driving on the right is being discussed in the driving school.