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Hill 1100 of Hallasan Mountain in Jeju is a great place to enjoy snow mountain hiking.

However, a difficult situation arose because of the severe cold.


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Hill 1100 of Mt. Hallasan has a beautiful snow scene.

It is the highest place that can be reached by car, so many people visit it.

However, the pipe was frozen and the only toilet was closed.

The situation is guiding people to use the nearby Eorimok or Yeongsil hiking trail toilets.

Even if there is no traffic, it takes 10 minutes.

Because of this situation, the workers at the 1100 Hills exhibition hall do not drink water until their shift is over, or they have no choice but to use the pot.

The restroom at Witsaeoreum at 1,700m above sea level is fine, but it is said that only this place is frozen because it is a conservation area and it is difficult to excavate, and part of the pipeline is exposed outside instead of underground.

The National Park side prepares a simple toilet, but it is said that it is closed because the capacity is not enough, so if you leave it open when the toilet freezes, it will become unusable soon.

Netizens responded such as "Should I climb with a diaper on?" "Looks like I'll sigh in front of the best snowy scenery"

(Screen source: Hallasan National Park, Visit Jeju website)