From next Monday, wearing a mask indoors will change from mandatory to recommended.

There are many things to be aware of as it is not a full-scale lifting, especially the Ministry of Education has issued detailed guidelines on how to wear masks in schools and academies for children.

This is Reporter Lim Tae-woo.


Children wear masks to school.

However, from next Monday, masks are not required in the classroom.

[Mr. A/Parent: Isn't it the atmosphere of society as a whole right now?

The restaurant has long since been taken off.

So I think it's okay because I think there's a bit of a formality right now.]

However, with the flu prevalent, there are still many parents who are concerned.

[Mr. B/Parent: (What do you think of mask freedom?) Opposite.

'Cause I'm still anxious

Since there are confirmed cases, you have to be more careful.]

From the 30th, wearing a mask indoors will be voluntary, but you must wear a mask on a school bus, school trip, or group bus for experience activities.

There are four cases in which indoor wear is highly recommended.

In the case of a chorus class, a chorus at an entrance ceremony, etc., when a large number of people gather in the auditorium of an indoor gymnasium, or when the school principal judges that a lot of saliva spurts in a crowded space.

[Education official: There may be various things (besides the case presented), but in that case, the principal gave room for recommendations even after making a judgment.]

Regarding whether it is okay to wear a mask during chorus at an indoor event and then take it off when it is over, a rather ambiguous guideline was put forward that the school principal could decide depending on how many times the chorus or shouting was repeated.

The Ministry of Education advised to ventilate frequently and refrain from conversation in dormitories and cafeterias where many people gather.

(Video editing: Kim Byeong-jik, VJ: Shin So-young)