A man in his 30s who went into a gold and silver room in broad daylight was caught by the police.

The owner of the gold and silver room, in his 60s, prevented the crime by fighting.

Reporter Kim Hyung-rae covered the story.


A man wearing a mask and a padded hat enters the gold and silver room.

He looks around the shelves, then suddenly takes out a hammer and starts threatening the owner.

When his guest turns into a burglar, the owner picks up a side table and confronts him, and a violent physical fight ensues.

After a 3-4 minute fight, the robber was rather overpowered by the owner and pushed out of the store.

The suspect, who suffered a head injury during the fight, was caught by the police while receiving treatment at this hospital, which is only 50 meters away.

Police, who received a report from the owner, analyzed CCTV footage inside and outside the store and found the man who went to the hospital.

The owner in his 60s, who bravely faced the robbers in his 30s, explained the situation at the time like this.

[Geumsilbang store owner: I want you to take out 4 of these (gold necklaces), gold.

Since this was a woman's, he said that it wouldn't fit if he was going to do it, so he suddenly took out a hammer from inside it.]

He had heard many stories of hammer robbery on the news, so he responded immediately the moment he saw the hammer and said he fought for his life.

The owner also injured his wrist and leg during the struggle.

[Geumeunbang store owner: Now, when I said, 'Why is your young child living like this, can you do it that way?'


The police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for the male suspect on charges of robbery.

(Video editing: Seongwon Ha, VJ: Jaemin Noh)