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A couple in their 30s who were handed over to trial for receiving and collecting more than 600 million won in donations by posting the heartbreaking story of their dog on social media were sentenced to prison terms in the first trial.

Seoul Eastern District Court Criminal 3 Solitary Chief Judge Min Seong-cheol sentenced former courier driver Kim Mo, 34, and his girlfriend, Kim Mo, 39, to two and seven years in prison, respectively, on charges of fraud and violation of the Donation Money and Goods Act.

Chief Judge Min said, "I tried to take advantage of the victims' good feelings, such as concerns about the dog's health and empathy as a person raising a dog," and "the crime method and motive are poor, and most of the damage has not been recovered." The reason for the sentencing was revealed.

They are accused of receiving 610 million won from 12,808 people through Instagram, 'Gyeongtae the courier dog', saying that they needed hospital treatment for dogs 'Kyungtae' and 'Taehee' between late March and early April of last year. Indicted.

They said on Instagram, "Kyung-tae and Tae-hee were recently diagnosed with heart disease, but someone caused a car accident and left, so they couldn't even do delivery work."

Chief Judge Min judged that the guilt of the girlfriend who mainly managed social media, communicated with followers, and deposited donations into her account was more serious.

Of the 610 million won in donations intercepted, only his girlfriend admitted guilty of about 500 million won.

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