Personal information of teenagers presumed to be the perpetrators of the Incheon motel assault case, in which a man in his 40s was called to a motel and assaulted, is spreading online.

Personal information such as the names, ages, and schools of seven teenagers is spreading in various online communities and SNS.

Human rights organizations, etc., view the identity theft of the suspect as a potential human rights violation.

The National Police Agency's Human Rights Committee also recommends minimizing the disclosure of personal information to prevent secondary harm to the suspect and his family.

Even if the personal information spreading online belongs to the actual perpetrator, if the photo is used without permission, the author may be punished for defamation.

Currently, Michuhol Police Station in Incheon is investigating 8 teenagers, including Group A, on suspicion of robbery.

It is known as a juvenile under the age of 14 who is not subject to criminal punishment.

(Screen source: YouTube)