The prosecution, which is investigating the suspicion of preferential treatment in Daejang-dong, has a lot to confirm, so it is in the position that one more investigation is needed on CEO Lee Jae-myung after tomorrow (28th).

Then, what will be the issue of this investigation, reporter Park Chan-geun summarized the positions of the prosecution and CEO Lee.

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charges against CEO Lee Jae-myung are, first of all, breach of trust and violation of the Conflict of Interest Prevention Act.

Prosecutors said that when Lee was mayor of Seongnam, through the Daejang-dong project, criminal profits amounting to 788.6 billion won were driven to private businesses, and Seongnam Urban Development Corporation’s dividend profit was fixed at 182.2 billion won. It is believed that the construction has caused property damage.

[Han Dong-Hoon/Minister of Justice (December 30, last year): The charges that CEO Lee Jae-myung is facing are personal crimes unrelated to the party and local corruption charges at the Seongnam-si level.]

Rather, the representative said that Seongnam City was charged with 500 billion won through public-private joint development. We are fighting back that we have made more than KRW 100,000 profit.

[Lee Jae-myung/Representative of the Democratic Party (September 14, 2021): Daejang-dong development is an exemplary public service project that blocked preferential private development projects and returned as much as 550.3 billion won to citizens.

] It is believed that the business secrets of the city and the corporation were provided to private businessmen for the political benefit of 'Seongnam 1st Industrial Complex Park', but Lee refutes that there was no preferential treatment, saying that the prosecution 'cannot specify which secrets were handed over'. .

Prosecutors also suspect that CEO Lee approved it after receiving a direct report on the main details of the preferential treatment, and in return, half of Kim Man-bae's stake, worth 42.8 billion won, was promised through his aides.

However, CEO Lee also strongly protested, saying, "I did not take even a single won of personal benefit."

The nerve war is tense from the time of attendance for tomorrow's investigation, and the prosecution is in the position that one more investigation is needed after tomorrow because there are so many things to check, but it seems unlikely that Lee will respond.

(Video editing: Mira Yu)