A new fact has been revealed regarding the allegation of stock price manipulation of Deutsche Motors, which is under trial.

An account under the name of Mrs. Kim Kun-hee was also used in other stock transactions involving stock price manipulation forces, but the Democratic Party pushed that another charge of stock price manipulation was revealed, and the President's Office refuted that it was an absurd false claim.

This is Reporter Kang Chung-wan.


During the trial of the Deutsche Motors stock price manipulation case in November of last year, the prosecutor presented a list of accounts that traded stocks of a company called 'Woori Technology'.

Mr. Kim, who was indicted for stock manipulation of Deutsche Motors, also intervened in managing the stock price of 'Woori Technology' from August 2010 to early 2011. It included the account of Mrs. Kim's mother.

Previously, Mrs. Kim Gun-hee's side explained that she had left her account to someone else from January to May 2010 and then retrieved it, but that the transactions made after that were made by herself and that she had nothing to do with stock price manipulation. there is.

However, as Mrs. Kim's Mirae Asset account appeared in another 'operation' by Deutsche Motors stock manipulation officials, suspicions are being raised that the transactions of Deutsche Motors under the name of Mrs. Kim after May 2010 were also related to stock price manipulators.

In the course of the trial, it was revealed during the trial that stock price manipulation officials managed Mrs. Kim's account even after May 2010, such as an Excel file that summarized the transaction details of Mrs. Kim's account was found on the office computer of the person involved in stock manipulation.

Democratic Party spokesman Kim Eui-gyeom argued, "The 'suspicion' of Mrs. Kim Gun-hee's involvement in another stock price manipulation following Deutsche Motors has been revealed."

The president's office immediately said that spokesperson Kim's claim was "absurd lies" and "will have to take responsibility corresponding to the spread of false information."

It is known that the prosecution will decide the direction of the investigation related to Mrs. Kim after observing the results of the first trial next month on the stock price manipulation suspicion of Kwon Oh-soo, former chairman of Deutsche Motors.

(Video editing: Won-hee Won)