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In a society where attention is divided into many aspects, the short series format has resurfaced, presenting elaborate stories in a concentrated format.

Here are some recommendations:

After the Hurricane (Apple TV+)

Based on true events, it chronicles the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the work of doctors and nurses in the intensive care unit of a New Orleans hospital who struggle to treat patients in a facility that has no electricity for five days.

John Ridley


Carlton Cuse

push ordinary human beings to their mental and physical limits in shocking ways.

A deep reflection on responsibility and heroism.

The Visitor (HBO Max)

Detective Ralph Anderson (

Ben Mendelsohn

) and Holly Gibney (

Cynthia Erivo)

, an unorthodox investigator, investigate the brutal murder of an 11-year-old boy in a peaceful town.

Although at first everything seems to have an explanation that leads to the arrest of Terry Maitland (

Jason Bateman

), an exemplary father and teacher, they soon realize that a supernatural force seems to have a lot to do with the boy's disappearance.

Adapted from a

Stephen King

story , its dark and oppressive setting gives rise to truly terrifying moments.

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Midnight Mass (Netflix)

A community on the verge of extinction and avid for faith receives the arrival of a charismatic priest, who brings with him miracles, mysteries and a renewed religious fervor.

Mike Flanagan

's most ambitious, personal and raw work


The Haunting of Hill House

) addresses, once again, the human side of terror by treating an old concept from a new perspective.

His success has made the characters that emerged from his pen, as well as scares of all kinds, both supernatural and human, make the leap from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video, with whom he has just signed a succulent agreement.

As we see it (Amazon Prime Video)

Jack (

Rick Glassman

), Harrison (

Albert Rutecki

) and Violet (

Sue Ann Pien

), three roommates with autism who are struggling to get a job, keep it, make friends, fall in love, and make their way in a world that doesn't understand them.

With the help of their families, their assistant, and sometimes themselves, the boys battle hardships and celebrate triumphs as they try to achieve independence and acceptance.

Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here.

"[It] offers a full spectrum of autistic experiences (...) Its 'showrunner,' Jason Katims, rejects tokenism to shed light on various characters living perfectly imperfect lives (

Exterior night (Flimin)

In his debut in the world of series, Italian filmmaker

Marco Bellocchio


The Traitor


Good Morning, Night

) tackles the

Moro Case

with sublime mastery.

In 1978, Aldo Moro


Fabrizio Gifuni

), president of the Christian Democrats and main supporter of an agreement with the Communist Party to form governments

, is kidnapped in an ambush .

His retention will last fifty-five days: fifty-five days of hope, fear, negotiation, failure, good intentions, and terrible acts.

Special mention to

Toni Servillo

in the role of Pope

Paul VI


By Heaven's Mandate (Disney+)

Andrew Garfield

's good run

is not supported only by movies (

Tick, tick... Boom!


Tammy Faye's eyes


Spider-Man: No Way Home

), it also owes a lot to television.

Dustin Lance Black

, winner of the Oscar for Best Screenplay for

My Name is Harvey Milk , has

given him the leading role in this adaptation of

Jon Krakauer

's book that analyzes the motivations behind the

Lafferty Case

, in which two brothers believed they had been chosen by God to kill a woman and her 15-month-old daughter.

And he does it in an

intimate and thoughtful way.

that manages to provide a wealth of nuances greater than usual.

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