"I clipped my nails on the subway and threw them all on the floor. Who cleans them up? What about the noise?"

An image of a passenger cutting his fingernails and throwing them on the floor in an overcrowded subway cabin is causing outrage.

On the 25th, a brief tip-off video containing the situation at the time was uploaded to the Instagram account of the online community 'Bobaedream'.

In the video, a passenger was cutting his nails in a seat close to people.

This passenger seemed completely oblivious to the gaze of the people around him, even in a crowded cabin, cutting his nails and turning his hand over to check how he was dressed.

Inside the subway, all I could hear was the sound of nail clipping along with the noise from running on the tracks.

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The clipped fingernails were left on the floor without being removed.

In response, the informant lamented, "If you cut your nails on the subway, who will clean them up?"

Netizens who saw this were full of energy, saying, "It seems that you haven't learned morals at home or at school", "There are many people who cut their nails at the office. responded that it was.