A Hong Kong cargo ship sank in the waters between Korea and Japan, and the Coast Guard is conducting rescue operations in collaboration with the Japan Coast Guard.

According to the Jeju Regional Maritime Police Agency, at around 3:07 am today (25th), the distress location automatic transmission device (EPIRB) of the cargo ship JIN TIAN (6,551t), which was sailing in the sea between Korea and Japan, 148.2 km southeast of Seogwipo-si, Jeju, was sailing in the waters between Korea and Japan. worked.

When a ship sinks, the EPIRB automatically explodes due to the water pressure in the sea and floats to the surface to send a distress signal.

When the coast guard was dispatched to the scene, the accident cargo ship was completely sunk.

The Coast Guard believes that the accident cargo ship EPIRB has already sunk at the time of operation.

The accident cargo ship previously sent a DSC distress signal operated by a person pushing a button around 1:45 am today.

It was found that the captain of the accident cargo ship hung up the call at around 2:41 am after communicating with the Coast Guard on a satellite phone saying, "We will give up the ship and all crew members will get off the ship."

The Coast Guard is conducting a rescue operation for sailors in the accident area in collaboration with the Japan Coast Guard.

It has been confirmed that five of the 22 crew members were rescued by other vessels searching in the accident area.

Three life jackets and two lifeboats were found near the accident cargo ship, but it was reported that no one was on board.

The rescued sailors are likely to be transported to Nagasaki, Japan, the Coast Guard said.

It is known that there were 14 Chinese and 8 Myanmarese on board the accident vessel, and there were no Koreans.

As of 7:00 am today, the wind is blowing at 16m per second in a northwesterly wind, and the waves are rising at 3-4m.

(Photo = Courtesy of Jeju Regional Coast Guard, Yonhap News)