While Jeju Airport, which had canceled a lot of flights due to strong winds and heavy snow, resumed flight operations this morning (25th), there was an article saying that tickets were being traded through an online used trading platform, and the relevant authorities went to check.

A second-hand trading platform operated by a smartphone app posted dozens of posts about buying or selling plane tickets.

The flight ticket transaction was posted from the 23rd, when all flights at Jeju Airport were canceled due to heavy snowfall, and some posts were also confirmed as 'transaction completed'.

In the articles, the amount above the normal ticket price was presented.

The letter expressing the intention to purchase also contains the regrettable circumstances of not being able to obtain an air ticket due to flight cancellation, even though I have to return to my daily life, such as going to work.

However, tickets transferred through second-hand transactions are virtually unusable.

This is because you cannot board the plane unless the ticket is in your name.

An airline official said, "We are issuing tickets by checking personal information such as the real name of the reserved ticket with ID." said.

However, there are some posts that induce financial transactions by saying that they will line up at the ticketing desk and book tickets instead, raising the need for thorough management by the airport authorities.

Meanwhile, Jeju Airport decided to send additional temporary flights to transport passengers stranded in Jeju and extend the take-off and landing permits at Gimpo Airport until dawn tomorrow (26th).

(Composition: Jin Sang-myung / Editing: Jang Hee-jeong / Production: D Contents Planning Department)