A high school student who wrote words sexually harassing teachers in an anonymous teacher evaluation was expelled and sent to the prosecution.

According to the Sejong City Office of Education on the 25th, high school A held a Teaching Rights Protection Committee on the 17th and discussed the 'sexual harassment case in the school evaluation survey' of third-year student B, who is about to graduate, and the school made the final decision on the 20th. The students were notified of the results.

In the '2022 High School General Teacher Student Satisfaction Survey' conducted in November of last year, Group B made sexual harassment remarks, such as explicitly mentioning female teachers' body parts in the 'free narrative questions' that allowed them to freely evaluate teachers. .

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▲ Group B’s sexual harassment remarks revealed on social media

If you look at the remarks of group B released through social media, sexual harassment replies are rampant, from the words "Kim Jong-un's joy" to directly mentioning or belittling the teacher's body parts.

On December 2 of last year, a user with the nickname 'Public Discussion of Sexual Harassment in Teacher Evaluation' appeared on social media and complained of damage related to the above, and the case became public.

Victim teacher C requested, "Find the student who was sexually harassed in anticipation of anonymity," but the school and the Sejong City Office of Education investigated for reasons such as "new abuse may occur" and "words may spread among students." I showed a position that punishment is difficult.

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▲ Victim teachers file a report with the Cyber ​​Investigation Unit

Eventually, the victim teachers, including Mr. C, reported it to the cyber investigation team, and after the police investigated, it was revealed that the student who wrote the phrase in question was Group B.

Afterwards, as the incident became known, teachers' unions said, "Such sexual harassment remarks are not new to teachers," and "abolish irresponsible teacher evaluation without minimum protection measures for teachers." caused it

The School Authority Protection Committee, composed of education office staff and teachers, said, "B's act of writing sexual harassment in the teacher evaluation is a criminal act of sexual violence against teachers, Article 15, Article 1 of the 'Special Act for the Improvement of Teachers' Status and Protection of Educational Activities'. It falls under the criminal act of sexual violence as stipulated in paragraph 2, that is, an act of infringing on educational activities."

"We took into account the fact that there were several victims, the fact that the victims were ignored until their identities were revealed, and the fact that Group B had already violated school rules twice before causing this incident," he said.

An official from the Office of Education said, "After the sexual harassment situation occurred in the school evaluation, the victim teacher was quarantined through special leave and official sick leave, and psychological treatment was supported." there is," he said.

Meanwhile, Group B was charged with violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act (obscene use of communication media) earlier this month.

It is known that the school's decision was dissatisfied with and the education office inquired about a request for reconsideration of expulsion.

(Photo = Twitter, Yonhap News)