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Three people in their 20s who kidnapped, imprisoned, and assaulted a university alumni for not paying back 300,000 won and tried to extort 20 million won were sentenced to prison.

According to the legal community today (25th), Chuncheon District Court Criminal Division 2 (Chief Judge Lee Young-jin) sentenced A, B, and C to 3 years and 6 months in prison, respectively, who were handed over to trial on charges of robbery and joint confinement under the Punishment of Violence Act. 

The 23-year-olds were charged with threatening and assaulting Mr. D, a college classmate of Mr. A, forcibly taking him to Eumseong, North Chungcheong Province, and confining him for about eight days.

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that Mr. A planned the crime because his college classmate, Mr. D, did not pay back 300,000 won of money borrowed from him.

In the course of the crime, they also committed harsh acts, such as assaulting Mr. D to the point where his mouth was torn and supporting his arm with a cigarette. 

In addition, he made Mr. D write a fake memorandum stating that he borrowed 70 times more money from Mr. A than the money he borrowed, and threatened D It was also found that Mr. 600,000 won and two bankbooks borrowed from a loan company were also stolen. 

In the end, the gang, who ended up in court, claimed that "(the crime) is not a crime of robbery but a crime of extortion," and that "the wounds suffered by the victim are light and can heal naturally." 

However, the judge said, "The violence and threats inflicted on Mr. D are sufficient to suppress Mr. D's resistance or make him unable to resist, considering the degree of numerical superiority and physical power, and the level and content of threatening remarks." did not accept the claim.

The judge continued, "Considering the circumstances and content of the crime, the amount taken by force, and the degree of injury suffered by the victim, the nature of the crime and the circumstances of the crime are very bad." The reason for the sentencing was explained.