It would be the heart of parents to do anything for their children, but in Japan, a mother was arrested in an emergency for misbehaving her son.

In Nagoya, Japan, a woman in her 60s was discovered by her bathhouse attendant while secretly filming her dressing room and bathhouse interior with a compact camera hidden inside a bath basket.

As a result of the police investigation, this woman has committed crimes in this way over 20 times from August of last year to the present.

It turned out that this was because of a favor from none other than her 30-year-old son.

She confided that the woman complied with her son's request to give her son, who had become a hermit and a loner, a little bit of psychological stability.

Her son testified that her mother demanded illegal filming in order to sell the footage on the Internet.

The police confiscated the cameras and video files they used in the crime and are investigating, and it has not yet been revealed whether the victims' photos and videos were sold.