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There have been several cases where conflicts over 'noise between floors' in apartment houses have led to retaliatory crimes, and 'smoking between floors' is a cause of conflict as much as noise.


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This is a warning that has recently been controversial in online communities and social media.

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This is the content of a warning to neighbors who smoke indoors by an apartment resident who introduced herself as a shaman, saying, "I put in 'live' yesterday for line 15 who smokes in the bathroom."

'Sal' literally means to kill and is a kind of curse.

As the days get colder, the number of people smoking indoors increases, and the dispute over the 'smell between floors' in apartment houses is intensifying.

According to the current Apartment House Management Act, the management office, which is the subject of arbitration, can ask tenants not to smoke in a specific place, but the reality is that the space in the house is left to the residents to choose as it is a non-compulsory 'recommendation'.

Netizens responded, "The problem of smoking between floors is serious, but there is no sharp countermeasure, so this is even happening", "I go to church and even if I don't believe it, I feel uncomfortable", "This is a threat and a new type of power."

(Screen source: online community)