It was belatedly confirmed that a Chinese national who refused to quarantine and fled after being diagnosed with corona at Incheon International Airport was forced to leave the country without punishment.

According to the Central Accident Response Headquarters (heavy water version), it was revealed that a 41-year-old Chinese national A, who was caught two days after running away from a hotel quarantine after being tested positive for corona on the 3rd, was deported in the middle of this month.

The heavy water headquarters said, "Mr. A was investigated by the police for violating the law on the prevention and management of infectious diseases and was sent to the prosecution, but it takes more than a month to get to trial." It was the first order of deportation that could be taken without trial."

It is known that Chinese A was also banned from entering the country for a year.

Earlier, on the night of the 3rd, Mr. A was tested positive in a PCR (genetic amplification) test for entrants from China and was scheduled to be quarantined in a hotel, a temporary living facility, but got off the quarantine bus that arrived at the hotel and ran away.

It was investigated that Mr. A took a taxi and went straight to Seoul, arrived at the hotel he had booked in advance, and stayed with his wife and went out.

However, on the afternoon of the 5th, two days after the escape, the police were caught at the hotel.

(Photo = Yonhap News)