ChatGPT never ceases to make headlines, and its latest feat is not likely to go unnoticed.

Indeed, a teacher from the University of Wharton (Pennsylvania, United States) decided to test the talents of the conversational tool, relays BFM TV on Monday.

He made him pass the entrance examination for the famous American business school, by submitting to him the statement of a management examination in writing.

ChatGPT exceeded its expectations by obtaining a very honorable rating of B-/B, an average of between 10.2 and 12/20.

I had @OpenAI Chat GPT3 take my @Wharton Operations Management MBA exam.

It got a B/B-.

Is that good or bad news?

Can we replicate this at other schools/subjects?

Some implications are in this @MackInstitute report

— Christian Terwiesch (@terwiesch) January 17, 2023

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“I was blown away by the beauty of the wording - conciseness, choice of words, structure.

It was absolutely brilliant,” said Christian Terwiesch, according to NBC News.

While pointing out that many candidates obtained a mark much lower than that of ChatGPT during the entrance examination.

Not very good at math

However, the tool does not shine in all areas: mathematics does not seem to be its strong point... "The language and intuition are good, but he was even wrong about the relatively simple mathematics of college", remarks the teacher at Wharton School.

Note that ChatGPT is not so bad in science, since it obtained the minimum score in the American national medical examination during another test, specify our colleagues.

ChatGPT is a conversation tool developed by OpenAI, a company specializing in the artificial intelligence sector.

It has integrated the information contained in a very large database available on the web, which allows it to "answer" the questions of Internet users.

In fact, ChatGPT is based on a very advanced next-word prediction algorithm.

This allows him to build elaborate texts that correspond precisely to the needs of the Internet user, even if his knowledge is not infallible.

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