You must have received a lot of holiday gift delivery during the Lunar New Year holidays.

Men who stole holiday packages while touring apartments were caught by the police.

Last Friday, right before the Lunar New Year holiday began, a man in his 50s in an apartment in Daejeon stole a package of Galbi-tang worth 40,000 won in the hallway and was caught by the police.

Mr. A was a resident living in this apartment.

On the same day, in the same apartment, Mr. B, a man in his 40s, was arrested for stealing parcels such as apples and drinks while walking around the hallway with a bag.

The reason they were caught was because of reports from residents that parcels kept disappearing.

According to the National Police Agency, during the first Lunar New Year holiday after the lifting of social distancing, 112 reports increased from last year, but traffic accidents decreased significantly.