It premiered in 2014. It has three seasons and is now coming to an end after a seven-year hiatus.

This is

Happy Valley

, a British series that can be seen on Movistar Plus+

and has legions of fans in Great Britain.

Here are four reasons not to miss it.


Sarah Lancashire displays

all her dramatic strength in

Happy Valley with a character,

Catherine Cawood

, who does not leave you indifferent.

This police sergeant hasn't had an easy life.

Her daughter was raped

and, therefore, she became pregnant.

As a result of that, her daughter committed suicide, was left in charge of her grandson and her husband divorced her.

In addition, Catherine has a sister who is a drug addict and in the first season of the series,

a case that she must investigate makes her relive her worst nightmare


Nothing less than the release from prison of the man she raped her daughter.

Lancashire plays

a woman who appears to be strong

in professional matters but who must deal with uncomfortable situations that make her break down, have a hard time and doubt.

In 2017, the actress won the Bafta award

for a series that also triumphed at these awards with her first two seasons.

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The importance of the protagonist in this series is beyond doubt.

Her presence, magnetic to her, places her at the center of all the stories.

But you have to pay attention to secondary characters as important as Clare (Siobhan Finneran),

her ex-drug addict sister with whom she lives in her home


Royce (James Norton),

the rapist of her daughter

, whom she impregnated;

Neil (With O'Neill), Clare's partner and Ann (Charlie Murphy), Catherine's young partner in her police work, along with other colleagues of hers on a day-to-day basis in her office.

Mobsters, angry employees, drug dealers and citizens of

an impoverished area (hence the irony of the series title) such as the Calder Valley, in West Yorkshire

, form a backdrop for a dramatic series with few concessions to humor.


Sally Wainwright

, the creator of

Happy Valley

, has made her intentions clear with this third season: "

All the characters you expected to return do.

Seven years have passed. Our plan was to wait until Ryan was older so he could decide if whether or not he wanted to contact his father.

Without revealing anything else, in the new episodes,

the relationship between Ryan, the protagonist's grandson, and her father marks the fate of Catherine.

She, embarked on other cases and about to retire, suffers when she sees that her grandson has violent details that he could have inherited from his father.

In the seven years that have passed between the second season,

the leading actress has participated in series such as

Last Tango in Halifax

, directed by the same creator of

Happy Valley


and in


, in which she plays the same character that Meryl Streep gave life to in the movie

Julie & Julia



As it is a British series,

many have wanted to see in it details of



a magnificent crime scene with some extraordinary Olivia Colman and David Tennant.

Both productions are characterized by lowering to earth some characters who have nothing of heroes and yes of sufferers.

Similarities to


can also be drawn .

Above all, because of the first season of

Happy Valley

and the accumulation of coincidences and bungling that make the protagonist hit the mark in her way of acting in the face of a kidnapping.

And there have even been articles explaining that

Mare of Easttown

, with Kate Winslet, would not exist if it weren't for

Happy Valley


What is clear is that before the series with Catherine Cawood premiered,

Sally Wainwright had to fight to ensure that a production written and directed by a woman reflected a reality as harsh

as the one the protagonist lives

without having to go to places common in which men dominate everything.

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