The house of an elderly couple in their 70s, receiving basic livelihood security, is in a state where it is unknown when it will collapse further after the heavy rain last year.

Local governments also believe that repair itself is impossible, but reporter Hong Seung-yeon reports that there is no sharp way to move the residence right away.


A village in Busan built by refugees during the Korean War.

When I opened the door of the old house, the ceiling of the living room sank down to the point where I could see the steel bars.

It is a house where an elderly couple in their 70s, recipients of basic livelihood, live.

[Old couple on basic livelihood security, Mr. A: When I opened the door, they fell like this.

I was shocked and stood there blankly.

I'm scared.]

The fully exposed frame is rusty enough to break with the slightest touch.

Electricity is also cut off.

A request was made to the local government to repair it, but to no avail.

As a result of the safety diagnosis, it was judged that the repair itself was impossible due to the risk of further collapse.

It is also currently impossible to enter rental housing.

[Local government manager: You cannot enter the rental house because you still own the house.]

In the end, you have to sell your house to qualify for rental housing.

[Basic living allowance elderly couple Mr. B: Even if you rent a house, shouldn't you have a deposit?]

Nearly nine months passed without being able to do this or that.

[Elderly couple A on basic livelihood security: When they hear 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' at night, they jump out in surprise and fall asleep without turning off the lights.

While sleeping in the attic, there is not a single day when the lights are off.]

Welfare experts say that urgent measures are needed that prioritize the safety of the elderly couple.

[Ryu Man-hee/Sangji University Social Welfare Professor: I think it will fall under the crisis situation mentioned in the Emergency Welfare Support Act.

In order to dispose of that (house), a temporary residence is also needed.

By mobilizing private resources...


After the coverage began, the local government announced that it would come up with measures such as moving the elderly couple to a temporary residence and supporting monthly rent or helping with house repairs.

(Video coverage: Jung Kyung-moon)