As the drama <The Glory> gained popularity, the issue of 'school violence' came to the surface once again.

Viewers said they were "uncomfortable" at the stimulating scenes, such as the perpetrators of school violence supporting the victim's body with an electric iron, but also left reviews saying that "the reality is more serious than the drama."

As it became known that the scene in the drama was based on a real incident, it caused even greater outrage.

It was the 2006 Cheongju J Girls' Middle School incident. 

What is it?

17 years ago, a media interview of a family of a victim of school violence was reported and shocked the world.

It is said that a 14-year-old daughter attending a girls' middle school in Cheongju was severely beaten by her classmate, including being supported with a flat iron.

At the time, a horrific picture of the burn on her arm was also released, and it was exactly the same as the special makeup in the drama <The Glory>.  

As soon as the victim's diagnosis came out, the victim's family filed a complaint with the police to punish the student.

Afterwards, three students were identified as the perpetrators, who denied assault throughout the police investigation.

The police have not been able to find a clear suspicion that these students are the culprits.

There were no eyewitnesses who saw the assault, so the investigation was hampered. 

The police first put the students who were identified as the perpetrators on the suspect line, and called in friends around them as references to investigate.

In the meantime, an unexpected fact is revealed.

A student who was known as the victim's best friend confessed, saying, "Actually, I did it."

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As it turns out, the victim was unable to tell the family who the real perpetrator was at first.

When the fact of the damage was reported to the media first, the perpetrator said that he threatened the victim.

He threatened, “If you tell the truth, I will kill you,” and even encouraged other students to be identified as the perpetrators.

The victim later confessed in a police investigation, "I was afraid of the perpetrator and couldn't tell the truth." 

The perpetrator's confession revealed the extent and reason of the assault one after another.

He was burned with a flat iron as many as 9 times.

He even hit him indiscriminately on the arms and legs seven times with a baseball bat.

This assault continued for nearly 20 days.

And the perpetrator made a shameless and one-sided argument, saying, 'I lied and assaulted me because I did not keep my promise.'

He said, "It was bigger than I thought, so he couldn't tell the truth from the beginning." 

How did it go?

The incident occurred 17 years ago, so the remaining information is limited, but at the time, an arrest warrant was applied for the perpetrator student, and he was even arrested.

It is not uncommon for juvenile offenders to be arrested, and at the time, the judge in charge of the warrant explained, "In light of social norms, we inevitably issue a warrant for juvenile offenders in order to raise awareness of school violence." Administrative measures were imposed on schools and teachers who failed to do so.At the time, the victim suffered injuries for 8 weeks and was hospitalized for treatment, and was reported to be suffering trauma such as receiving neuropsychiatric treatment. 

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