A man in his 20s who illegally filmed a guest in the next room hanging from a motel railing has been arrested by the police.

Last year, the man was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence for illegal filming, and despite the probation period, he committed another crime.

Gwangju Dongbu Police Station said today (11th) that A (25) was booked without detention for charges such as home invasion and camera use under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act.

Mr. A is accused of secretly filming male and female guests in the next room using a window on the railing on the second floor of a motel in Dong-gu, Gwangju, around 4 am on the 7th.

Mr. A climbed over the window and hung on the railing to illegally film, but a guest who found Mr. A filming them reported to the police and was arrested as a current criminal.

At the time, the police confirmed that Mr. A's cell phone and digital camera did not contain any photos taken by the guest.

However, the police commissioned digital forensics after believing that Mr. A had deleted the video at the time.

In addition, a large amount of pornography was additionally found in another digital device owned by Mr. A, and in particular, it was found to include videos related to child sexual exploitation.

Mr. A claims to have downloaded it from a pornography site, but the police are also conducting a digital forensic investigation as it is also viewed as an illegally filmed video.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Mr. A was sentenced to a suspended prison term for illegal filming last year.

During the probation period, he committed the same crime again in the same way.

The police believe that Mr. A has voyeurism, and since it is a recidivism that occurred during the probation period, they plan to decide whether to apply for an arrest warrant as soon as the digital forensic results come out.