Volvo and station wagons traditionally belong together, even if the Swedish car brand is now selling far more SUVs.

As for the V90, two powerful plug-in hybrid versions are also available for the 18 centimeters shorter station wagon brother V60.

The top version, the all-wheel drive V60 T8 Recharge with a whopping 455 hp, combines a 310 hp two-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with a 145 hp electric motor that drives the rear axle.

Instead of the previous 11.6 kWh, the battery now has a gross capacity of 18.8 kWh.

This should enable a range of up to 91 kilometers in electric mode.

However, without the combustion engine, we never got further than 64 kilometers and recorded 27 kWh instead of the stated 20 kWh per 100 kilometers.

Anyone who often travels with a battery can still move the 4.76 meter long five-seater, which weighs around 2.1 tons, economically: 6.2 liters of Super plus electricity are a good value given the performance offered.

Ten liters called for a brisk freeway lap without electrical support.

So it means loading diligently.

Unfortunately, the electricity only trickles into the battery at a meager 3.6 kW;

a full charge takes around five hours.

Rapid overtaking maneuvers become a finger exercise

On the other hand, the dynamic qualities of the chic sports suit are convincing, especially in the top equipment “Polestar Engineered” with a firm but not uncomfortable sports chassis and gold-painted, firmly gripping Brembo brake calipers.

Like all Volvo models, the most powerful representative of the series is mercilessly limited at 180 km/h, but until then there is plenty of steam in the boiler.

The V60 T8 only needs 4.6 seconds for the standard sprint from 0 to 100 km/h.

Rapid overtaking maneuvers become finger exercise, and the full road holding inspires in fast corners.

The interaction between the two engines is harmonious and noiseless.

The eight-speed automatic transmission works well, and we didn't miss the paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

Stylish, high-quality ambience

The station wagon in sport dress is suitable for families and offers a good amount of space for four passengers.

However, the third person in the back does not know what to do with his legs because of the battery housed in the center tunnel.

The loading sill is pleasantly low, and the trunk, which can be easily loaded, holds 519 to 1431 liters on a flat surface.

The Swedes have also thought of practical bag hooks, lashing eyes and a 12-volt socket.

Unfortunately, there is no space for the bag with the charging cable under the flat double floor.

The interior is characterized by low, comfortable sports seats with good lateral support and a stylish, high-quality ambience in a Nordic style that is not at all cool.

However, the golden-yellow belts of the Polestar equipment are a matter of taste.

When it comes to the operating concept, Volvo relies on a beautifully fitted, upright touchscreen monitor with sometimes nested menus.

Whenever possible, we used the perfectly working Google voice control.

The large crowd of pleasingly unobtrusive driving and safety assistants works flawlessly with the exception of the traffic sign recognition, which is constantly wrong.

Full LED headlights with very good illumination, head-up display, partial leather seats and a large panoramic glass roof are always on board with the best equipment.

It has a hefty price of 78,350 euros, the price list for the Volvo V60 T8 starts at 68,600 euros.

The T6 plug-in hybrid, which is not exactly weak with 398 hp, starts at 59,750 euros.