An officetel building in the middle of downtown Busan caught fire and dozens of people inhaled smoke, and evacuation orders were issued to nearby residential areas.

According to the fire authorities, a fire broke out in the parking tower of a 23rd-floor officetel building in Bujeon-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan, around 6:30 am today (9th).

The big fire was caught in 50 minutes, but as the fire spread to the next commercial building, the second stage of response was issued.

As of 10 am, no direct casualties were confirmed, but 36 people were found to have inhaled smoke, and 3 households living on the 20th floor of an officetel were rescued in the process of putting out the fire.

Fire authorities plan to investigate the exact cause of the fire as soon as the fire is completely extinguished.