Kim Man-bae, a major shareholder of Hwacheon Dae-yu, appeared at the prosecution this morning (9th).

The prosecution, which is tracking the flow of Mr. Kim's funds, was reported as confirming the circumstances in which an additional 300 million won was flowed to the Hankyoreh newspaper executive in addition to the 600 million won check.

This is reporter Han So-hee.

<Reporter> Kim

Man-bae, a major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu, a key figure in the suspicion of corruption in the development of Daejang-dong, appeared at the prosecution this morning.

It was summoned again after attending last Friday, but Mr. Kim, who met with the reporters, was silent.

[Kim Man-bae/Daejang-dong private operator: (Journalist money relationship (suspicion) continues to come out, but a word about the report.) .......]

In the process of tracking Kim's related funds, the prosecution found a Hankyoreh executive in the first half of 2019. I figured out that four checks for 150 million won were sent to Mr.

However, it was confirmed that an additional 300 million won was transferred in the form of a check at the same time.

It is said that the money that flowed from Kim's side to this executive reached 900 million won.

Attorney Nam Wook, who worked with the Daejang-dong business, said in a prosecutor's investigation, "In 2019, Mr. Kim decided to buy a house for a reporter from the Hankyoreh." "I have stated.

The executive did not give any answer to the SBS inquiry.

The Hankyoreh newspaper said, "Today, we will receive a statement and evidence from the executive and open a fact-finding committee to investigate even the additional 300 million won."

In the midst of this, the prosecution recently summoned and investigated Lee Seong-moon, former CEO of Hwacheon Daeyu, who was Kim's aide.

Lee was questioned about the whereabouts of the funds that Mr. Kim believed to be hidden, and the prosecution's pressure aimed at Mr. Kim, who continued to remain silent, such as investigating his aides one after another and finding out the whereabouts of the money that flowed to journalists, seems to be increasing.