At the beginning of the new year, when there are many gatherings, the police are cracking down on drunk driving all over the country.

Hundreds were caught on the first day.

Reporter Lee Tae-kwon is on the sidewalk.

<Reporter> Last

night (4th), a street in Gangnam, Seoul.

The police launched their first drunken crackdown of the new year.

A drunk vehicle is caught 30 minutes after the crackdown begins.

[Drunk driving crackdown: (Have you had a cocktail?) Two cocktails.

(Blow it first.)]

This man who drank nearby and got behind the wheel got his license suspended.

Another main street around, this time female drivers are cracked down.

[Police: More and more more and more, it's done.

I got 0.163 license cancellation.

If there is an objection to this figure, you can draw blood.]

It exceeded twice the license cancellation standard.

The reason why the police are cracking down on drunk driving is that drinking accidents continue to happen as drinking parties become more frequent during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Last night in Ulsan, a drunk car crossed the center line and was caught by the police while running illegally, including hitting a truck that was stopped.

The driver, a man in his 40s, was drunk enough to have his driver's license revoked.

In this way, the police caught a total of 305 drunk driving cases yesterday.

About 65%, or 200 cases, were at the level of license revocation.

There were also 11 cases of being caught driving an electric kickboard after drinking alcohol.

[Kim Gil-seon/Gangnam Police Station Traffic Team Leader: There are many drinking crackdowns at the end of the year, but there are many drunk drivers at the beginning of the year, so we can't stop cracking down.] The

police have decided to continue cracking down on drunk driving for the time being.

(Video coverage: Jeon Jeon-bae · Jeong Jin-guk UBC, video editing: Lee Sang-min)

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